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Load an xml document
Load an xml document

Load an xml document

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Description ¶. public mixed DOMDocument::loadXML ( string $source [, int $options = 0 ] ). Loads an XML document from a string.

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Nov 2, 2009 - I just came across with a problem using XmlDocument.LoadXml . XmlDocument.Load is used to load XML either from a stream, TextReader, Feb 22, 2015 - document.load() is a part of an old version of the W3C DOM Level 3 Load & Save module. Can be used with document.async to indicateFeb 8, 2011 - XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.LoadXml(str);. Where str is your XML string. See the MSDN article for more info. The code for loading XML documents can be stored in a function. Note, The function described above, is used in all XML document examples in this tutorial!

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Downloads the specified XML file and builds an XMLDocument object from it. The load method resets the XMLDocument object first (clears the document Loads the specified XML data from a Stream, a URL, a TextReader, or an XmlReader.?String -?XmlReader -?Load Method (Stream)XmlDocument.Load Method (String) (System.Xml) - MSDN the XML document from the specified URL. URL for the file containing the XML document to load. The URL can be either a local file or an HTTP URL (a Loads the XML document from the specified XmlReader. Feb 1, 2012 - Use XmlDocument.Load() method to load XML from your file. Then use XmlDocument.InnerXml property to get XML string. XmlDocument doc

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